How to use the ProPix App

This quick guide helps you understand how to use the ProPix app and the different options. You can watch our quick video, or read the steps below.

1. Install and run the app

First, make sure you have the app installed. You can download it for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

When you open the app, you’ll get a choice of PixPacks Store and My PixPacks. We’re going to browse the store, choose a PixPack and install it.

2. Browse PixPacks

PixPacks are what we call each collection of images, you can think of them like themed galleries. When you’ve found a PixPack you like, you can download it and apply it to your contact list.

From the Store, you can browse available PixPacks, or search for the types of image you’re interested in. By tapping on a PixPack, you will see the range of images it contains, and can enlarge each one.

3. Choose your favourites

When you’ve chosen a PixPack, simply tap on the price to proceed to payment. If you want to try the app before buying, we also provide a free MixPack to get you started.

From the main menu, you can now select ‘My PixPacks‘ to see all the PixPacks you’ve downloaded.

4. Preview and lock contacts

Select the PixPack you want to install, and you’ll see a preview of how your contacts will look when you apply the images. If you have a contact with an existing image that you’d like to keep, you can tap image then the padlock icon. This contact will then not have images applied. You can also manually choose which images you want applied to each contact.

When you’re ready, click ‘Apply PixPack‘.

Please note that when you apply a PixPack, the app will overwrite pictures assigned to contacts. We recommend backing up any images you wouldn’t want to lose.

5. Enjoy your new contact images

Wait while we apply your images. A PixPack takes a few seconds to apply, and when it’s complete you can go straight to your contacts and see the results. Your newly applied images then appear every time you receive a call or text.

We hope you enjoy ProPix.

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